Kahuna Hawaiian massage is traditionally called Lomi Lomi and comes from Hawaiian masters who used these secret practices for healing and relaxation.

Kahuna relaxes your entire being and releases blocked energy flow in the body. It’s a powerful healing on many levels and brings a feeling of peace and sense of joy to your soul.

In giving this form of Hawaiian massage my body and hands dance in flowing and rhythmical moves. My focus of touch comes from a loving and compassionate heart – soft and supportive of you on many levels – body, mind and spirit.

This massage is a combination of lighter rhythmic and quite vigorous strokes. I use fingers, palms, wrists, forearms and elbows while I’m moving rhythmically around the massage table. This Hawaiian massage supports you into a deep state of relaxation and release of all your tension and cares.

If you are feeling physically and emotionally drained then this powerful rhythmic Lomi Lomi Massage will assist you to feel more centered and connected within yourself. It’s a very powerful and enjoyable massage for you – relaxing, healing and balancing for your body and soul.


If you’re feeling stressed out with work, life or not having any ‘me time’ as you’re always too busy - try a Relaxation massage.

This massage will help you release tension in your body, especially upper back, neck region and lower back (prime tension areas for office/computer workers).

Using organic massage oil and fragrant pure essential oil (if you desire) the massage starts with deep, firmer strokes to help ease the tension in your muscles. As you relax more the strokes become softer and gently soothing to help ease muscular tension or headaches.

At the end of the session you will feel so relaxed, happy and centered you will want a massage every week.


You will enjoy a combination of deep, soothing massage strokes and gentle, gliding ones to release pain and tension from your body. Release headaches and stress and completely relax, let go and enjoy being pampered.

Enjoy the warmed organic massage oil and fragrant pure essential oil while listening to soothing and healing music for your body and soul.

Go on – be transported to a heavenly place of pampering just for you!


This Massage incorporates deep, firm strokes and focuses on relieving muscle tension, any knots and painful muscles. I use hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows depending on the areas being worked on. This is a wonderful massage if you have problem areas in neck and shoulders (usually a problem with extended time on the computer) or a sore lower back.

You will feel the welcome release of tension and pain from your body and feel so much more relaxed at the end of the session.


The body requires magnesium for body cells processes and is important for healthy bones, teeth, muscles, joint health and supports a good nights sleep.

Transdermal magnesium has many health benefits including being able to bring relief for muscular pain and nervous tension. The combination of magnesium chloride and heat increases circulation and waste removal. The therapeutic effect is to draw inflammation out of the muscles and joints. It also relaxes you and releases toxins from the muscles.

The action of the Magnesium assists with the transmission of nervous system impulses and helps with headaches, leg cramps and supports you with a great nights sleep. You may choose to have magnesium oil added to your choice of massage therapy.


Feeling like you need some physical or spiritual support to clarify worrying life issues or a session to cleanse your etheric body? We discuss how you’re feeling on the day and which session suits you best.

My Spirit Guides and highly developed intuition assist me with using vibrational energy techniques and channeled energy to help you release memories, blocks or negative energy stored in your body.

This session will support you and allow healing and harmony for your body, mind and spirit on all levels.

Some of the modalities that can be incorporated into the session to make your session truly unique and special for you:

  • Channeling
  • Aura Cleanse
  • Crystal Healing
  • Light Energy Healing
  • Psychic/Spirit Guidance
  • Chakra Balance & Clearing


Crystal Healing uses various semi-precious stones and minerals as healing and clearing tools. They can be programed to transform and amplify energy. I can use a powerful clear quartz single terminator crystal and also have a wide range of stones and crystals including a Chakra Merkaba Star Set and a Reiki Symbols Set. They are used intuitively and with guidance from Divine Spirit and may be incorporated into the other sessions.